Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Endangered Species

Animals shouldn’t be held captive. They should be free and out in the wild. Think about it, If it was us living in cages and the animals out and free, how would you feel ? They shouldn’t be kept in zoos because It's very cruel.

Reason 1:
In my opinion, Animals are a gift from God, So we should treat them, how we want to be treated. Plus, keeping animals in cages does nothing to help the animals in the wild. If the zoos really wanted to save animals, they would be helping protect animals from their natural habitats, not keeping them in cages. Animals have a right to live freely in the wild, They are living creatures just like us and no one has us in cages.

Reason 2:
Animals need their families in their lives just like we do. It's not fair that we take away the animals from their family when they are babies. They don’t get to grow up with their families like us. Animals have feelings, they feel pain too. Animals need their families so they can learn how to behave naturally, for example: A baby bird need their parents to learn how to fly.

Reason 3:
Animals in zoos suffer from boredom and depression. By going to zoos you are supporting this and you are a terrible person. Example: Say you are a baby elephant living in the wild, then all of a sudden you are taken away from your parents and forced to live in a little cage for the rest of your life with elephants you do not know. How would you feel ?


In conclusion, Treating every animal separately, letting them do what they wish. If an animal wants to live away, let them. Animals are equally precious and should equally share God’s earth as humans instead of being caged like they are in jail. They deserve the freedom we humans have.


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