Tuesday, 12 November 2013


On badminton day we went to the hall to play badminton. It was fun. Some people were crying because they were hurt. Our coaches name was Robbie. I was so scared! I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts. First we played octopus. I like badminton. My favourite part was when we were playing the game.I was crying because I had sore knees.

By Malia

Friday, 20 September 2013

My Swimming

On a terrible rainy day Room 5 got changed into their togs. My togs were blue. Everyone said that the pool was cold. "Oh my! It is cold!" The girls went first. First we had to warm up. Then we got into groups. Malia, Anna-Lisa and Saveu were in group 1. Group 2 was Lenleigh, Courtney and Von. Lenleigh was first from group 2 and Saveu was first from group 1. Saveu had to go twice because there was not enough girls. I had to race Von. It was 28 degrees. I think Mt Gaffney only came to check on us once. The girls and I came out and got into our towels. We had been listening  and we had one minute of free time. Suddenly Teanoano saw Kalisi coming out.

Finially the girls went into the tent to get changed. The girls were cold. They put their jumpers on. Before we got out of the pool, it was warm. When I got changed I ate my lunch. Finially I got warm

By Malia