Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Trip

Science Trip

Room 7 and 5 had an opportunity to go and participate at a Science Roadshow at Tamaki College in the auditorium. Parents helped us with the transport and I went with my Mum.  When we arrived at Tamaki College we were waiting for the doors to open. Rain was just pouring down and it was freezing cold.

I have learnt new things and experience different science activity.  I liked the centre of mass station.  I have to work out where the centre of different shapes.  
I also like the station where we have to feel different objects inside a box.

We had to stamp our my card when we visited a station. I managed to do two stations.

Another thing I wanted to experience, but never got the chance was the colour combo because, I got my 2 stamps on my card. I went straight away and register for a prize. Sadly I did not get one. I really enjoyed the science show.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Descriptive Writing about my Mum

Descriptive Writing: My Mother
My Mother is the best person in the world, I love her and nothing can change that. I love my mum because she takes good care of us and also she would do anything to put food on the table.  When I am down she is the light that put me up and also she cherish my family and I. I would do anything for my mum,I am lucky to have a special heartwarming mother like her.My Mother is a beautiful hard working person, that can cook lovely things with love, I love my mum from the moon and back.

I am proud to be a daughter of my mum, I am going to do anything to to keep my mother happy,safe,well and healthy. My mum is a nice and tidy woman because she always cleans the house and makes sure that we put our things away.


On Wednesday night, my family and I went to the movies to see The Jungle book, I was waiting all week.

In the beginning of the movie, was a little boy called Mowgli , He was raised by wolves and each week he was trying to get faster than his little siblings who were his adopted wolves.
After that they went back to their families,When they arrived, their family were getting ready to go to the Peace lake,the Peace lake is a lake where every animal goes to the lake and drinks water.
All of a sudden a bad tiger came along,so Mowgli went and hid at the back of his father and the bad tiger was looking for him.After I was getting bored so I just closed my eyes and started to to fall asleep.

Then it was getting intents because loud music was getting louder, and all of a sudden I woke up, and I saw Mowgli running into the forest where it was on fire because he was trying to run away from the bad tiger because the bad tiger was trying to kill him. Then I needed to go to the bathroom because I was busting.
Then I came back and the Mowgli saved his whole family, I was happy. I was kind of waiting for my favorite song of the jungle book.
Then it was finished