Friday, 19 August 2016


Narrative Story

Brrriiiinnnnnggg!!!! I answered the phone, A netball coach asked me to play for their team. I was surprised to hear that, I quickly answered “YESS”, But I thought for a minute and quickly ran to my mum and asked. I was so happy, My mum had said “YESS”. They said the trainings are on Tuesdays and Thursday and the real game is on Saturdays.

Brrriiiinnnnnggg!!!! Another phone call, I answered the phone. Another netball team asked me to play for their team, I must be really good, I wanted to play for their team too, I quickly asked when is the trainings and game. She answered “The game is on Saturdays at around 2:00 o’clock or 3:00 o’clock. I said “YESS” because my other team's game is in the morning and the team that has rang is in the afternoon. I felt like a pop star. The first call, the name of the team is Rebels and the other team it called Stormers. My Rebels netball team’s game is in the morning at about 9:00am. My stormers team’s game is in the afternoon at  around 2:00pm.

Saturday came by and my first game is about to start, I arrived at the netball courts 10 minutes early. Then my team trained a little bit before the game had started. Rebels netball coach asked “You play GA”, “Yes” I answered. I thought for a minute,”Ohhhhhh I saw you at my other netball game” I asked and she said “Yeah that's why I called you” she answered back.

I have played really well, I shot goal for far distances and I have intercesped balls from going to the other team. After the last quarter we did our cheers and picked the players of the day. “I reckon that should is this player who has began to play for our team and I reckon she played really well and that person is Malia”. That was unexpected, I was so happy.

My parents came to me looking unhappy. “I am the player of the day” I said, “Lia you will have to quit” My parents answered. I went home looking unhappy,But first I went to tell my coach. When I arrive home I didn’t care at all .

I just listened to my mum and dad. I know I play really well, But I will listen to my Parents.


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

My Piece of Writing

Today I learned to use a prompt to write a Narrative story and write good Sentence
One morning I heard someone talking, WOW! I couldn’t believe what I saw with my two eyes and heard,
Its was my dog Whisky saying my name. He could really talk.

I could barely talk, I felt like I was daydreaming. I felt really dizzy and I felt like I was gonna fall into deep sleep. I was starting to to get really scared because it was unbelievable for a dog to talk.

I started to feel a little happier , I tried to tell my dog to do chores for me. Thank Goodness my dog listened and obeyed me. Everyday, I told my dog to do everything for me.

One day, my dog got really tired and ran away, I was treating my dog badly. I put up pictures of him, everyday , I just missed him. When I got home from work, “Hows about I am back” said my Dog, “Thank you God” I have found my dog.
Once we arrived back home, I stopped and thought, “I will never treat my dog badly ever again”.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Everyday Show

On Wednesday Room 7 went to Room 6 to watch a show called Everyday Show. Their acting was fantastic. It made me think about life. The everyday show was amazing because they had great acting skills. We did some mini games with them, It was fun. The reason why they came because they can share with us a game called “Family Reload”.  Family Reload is a game that has four lives,we get bonus points,Truth button,Help button and Safe button. The presenters has to ask questions about the story they told. Then they have answer the questions, I wasn’t sure what questions to ask.

The Ned Show