Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The term so far....

Term 4 so far has been amazing, sometimes there were some ups or downs I had in during the term. I really enjoyed making new friends and working with them.

Not long ago, Our class went to camp at Piha. I really enjoyed our time at Piha because everyone got to bond together and I learned loads of new things. Over the few weeks, everything has been amazing,I have learned so much
Once we went for a bush walk to the waterfall, It was amazing. The waterfall was so freezing but it was worth the walk. In the night we had to separate into our groups and had a turn going up the Burma trail. It was so scary, I was so scared I went back down and walked with Courtney. When I reached the finish, I was finally out .

Another thing we have is our Technology. Every Afternoon we (Room7) go to Selwyn College for our Technology. Our last few food we made was,Gingerbread cookies,Ice-cream in a bag,Ice-cream Kebab,Bread and more.Hmm.. I really enjoyed making it,But most of all, I really liked eating it. Hmmmm…...Delicious.   

Through the last few weeks, I had have a good week, Especially the Camp, I really enjoyed going there and want to go back. From Camp, I have learned to play Archery with Sonny. It was really complicated because it's was my first time playing. Out of all the experience I really enjoyed Camping at Piha and I wish to go back. Beside all of that,I have experience at lot of things.

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