Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Trip to the Cathedral

Recount Writing:Trip to the Cathedral.

Last Friday, St Pius X School were invited to sing a song at the St Patrick Cathedral. We gathered together in the morning at school on went on a bus and off we went.

Once we arrived we all gathered on the footpath and quietly walked to the Church.
It was the Year of Mercy so we walked through the doors of Mercy. Later, We walked in we saw Random people were sitting in the Original part and we were sitting in the extension part of the church. Before church has started the church was really quiet and lots of people were praying. After we all had settled down, all of a sudden Father came out  singing and walking to the altar. While it was communion we sang a song called Bread Broken and everyone from the back came first, Then we went up for communion.

Once the mass had finished we took a photo with father and sat down just on the bottom of the altar and listened to father. We learned about a foundation rock,a song and we learned about the stain glass of Mary and Jesus, The Accession and the Assumption. It was finally finished, While we walked out father was singing “merciful like the father” and we blessed ourselves at the font. After that, we went into another building where we enjoyed our lunch and then back inside the bus and went back to school.  

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