Friday, 29 July 2016

Narrative Writing

Once upon a time, In a very far forest there lived trolls in a lovely beautiful island. Betty, Alana, Grace were there names. I was so happy to meet these lovely trolls because my brother and I had lost our family in a very bad crash. After meeting them, I was pretty excited to sing for them.

I quickly ran to my brother, and he rejected me so I sat down and sang songs to myself. After a while, I was feeling really sleepy. Suddenly everyone looked at me and told me to sing more songs.

I was spinning around and I felt really dizzy….BOOM!, Instead of the ukulele being in my hands, it ended up on my brothers head. My brother was really upset and went to sleep and so as everyone else. I decided to go to sleep too, because I would’ve been really lonely.

As the sun came up, I woke up and my brother was nowhere in sight. I went searching for him. I felt really sad. I saw my brother sitting near the trees and thinking about what happened yesterday. My brother decided to forgive me, so we both returned to the island and had the most amazing breakfast.

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