Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Science Trip

Science Trip

Room 7 and 5 had an opportunity to go and participate at a Science Roadshow at Tamaki College in the auditorium. Parents helped us with the transport and I went with my Mum.  When we arrived at Tamaki College we were waiting for the doors to open. Rain was just pouring down and it was freezing cold.

I have learnt new things and experience different science activity.  I liked the centre of mass station.  I have to work out where the centre of different shapes.  
I also like the station where we have to feel different objects inside a box.

We had to stamp our my card when we visited a station. I managed to do two stations.

Another thing I wanted to experience, but never got the chance was the colour combo because, I got my 2 stamps on my card. I went straight away and register for a prize. Sadly I did not get one. I really enjoyed the science show.

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  1. Wow Malia, That sounded like a fun time there. I wish I came.