Friday, 6 May 2016

Descriptive Writing about my Mum

Descriptive Writing: My Mother
My Mother is the best person in the world, I love her and nothing can change that. I love my mum because she takes good care of us and also she would do anything to put food on the table.  When I am down she is the light that put me up and also she cherish my family and I. I would do anything for my mum,I am lucky to have a special heartwarming mother like her.My Mother is a beautiful hard working person, that can cook lovely things with love, I love my mum from the moon and back.

I am proud to be a daughter of my mum, I am going to do anything to to keep my mother happy,safe,well and healthy. My mum is a nice and tidy woman because she always cleans the house and makes sure that we put our things away.

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