Thursday, 14 April 2016

Best piece of Writing for Term 1

This is my best piece for Term 1

Type of writing:Recount Writing

On Easter Sunday, My Family and I, went to Church at 9:00 o'clock. When it was finish, our Samoan youth went to the hall and just said “Happy Easter” and they gave some out to everyone,It was really fun. After that my cousin, aunts, uncles, and families rushed home quickly because we were going to have a celebration at my aunt's house, I was hoping it was going to rain but, sadly it wasn’t. When we arrived home my sister and I went to get changed and then, came and helped my mum and dad with the cooking, before we rush off. While we were changing I could hear someone coming up our driveway, it was my aunts and uncle, because they wanted to give us our Easter eggs and take my sister to the shops. Then my mum asked my sister and I, if we got changed yet, and my sister and I said “We will get changed after we finish doing the cooking”.
Next, my sister and I went to the kitchen and helped my mum peel the potato, I was not happy because, all I wanted to do was sleep until it was time to go. After a few minutes I wanted to have a rest and I did, I was so happy. After that my sisters and mum was nearly finished, so my mum said to finish the rest of the potatoes. I was not surprised, so I went and just finished it off. 

I was very excited about the Easter egg hunt.After that I was very happy to go to my aunt's house because I wanted to find the most Easter eggs.After it was time for our hunt, First our little kids had to go and find the eggs, to have a head start. After a second later, it was time for us to go and look for our ones. Next, I went to the front yard and looked for some eggs, and I came back to the back yard with a pretty big amount of Easter eggs, so I went to, and share some of my Easter eggs because I couldn’t eat it all.After that, It was time to go home and have a rest for school tomorrow.
When we got home I went and jumped on my bed and went fast asleep

This is a good piece of writing because it has good punctuation  
This is a good piece of writing because it flows.
This is a good writing because I have used good language  
This is a good writing because it has good spelling.
This is a good writing because it is organised   

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