Thursday, 17 March 2016

Soul Friend Day

Soul Friend.

Learn:To write an explanation/description of your Soul Friend.
To use interesting words in your writing.
To ensure your writing make sense.
To ensure you use punctuation correctly.

A soul friend is a friendship between a bigger person and a younger person.  My soul friend is Monique,who is 6 years old and is in room 4 ,She is a lovely person with a big heart,She is a really  wonderful and unique person.
Today we had a special day.  St Patrick is the patron Saint of the Irish people , We remember especially the Holy Faith Sisters who started our school more than 50 years ago.
In our St Patrick's Mass, Father blessed our soul friends and we made a Promise to our soul friends that we would look after them,talk to them every day and tell each other's problems.  After that, we had a shared lunch with our soul friend.

Room 4.jpg
Here is a photo of shared lunch.

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