Friday, 11 March 2016

My Reading Task

Ants and the Grasshopper

ORIENTATION - Where did it took place: When did it happened:  Who is in the story
Where:The story took place underground and in the bush
Who: Ants,Grasshopper,Weta,Wasap and huhu Grubs
When:It happened on a cold winter's night.
COMPLICATION - What is the problem?
The problem is that the grasshopper and the other insect ignore what the ants had to suggested.The ants said to them “you should be”
SEQUENCE OF EVENT - Plot -  What happened in sequence?  You can bullet point the main events.
The ants were preparing for winter while they were preparing the grasshopper was relaxing, but not preparing for winter.
The ants food was under the snow.
RESOLUTION - How was the problem solved?
THe ants let the grasshopper in the there house for winter
Next time the grasshopper will prepare for the coming of winter and let the ants in his house.

I am showing you this to Identify the narrative structure of the Ant and the grasshopper Story.

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