Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My Speech ( NANA)

How much do you love your Nana.

Hi,today I will be telling you about my NANA.

My nana meant the world to me when she was still alive, She always brought me anything I wanted a  was all I ever wanted in my life and she made me a person with a loving heart.My Nana was the best,She always supported me through my daily life and She worked hard to make me a happy and a healthy child.Sometimes I can be cheeky to my nana, but deep down my nana will always love and forgive me.I love my nana from my head to toe everynight she makes me glow ,Everyday my nana was always caring and compassionate about me.When we went to the hostital my nana was really sick then
on the 22th of August my nana was in hospital and then my nana said I love you and a few second later she sadly died .
When my nana died that's when my life became sad, dark,Hard and I was a child who was never happy.


This is a speech, to be presented in front of our class.

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